Our services

Advice for ship transport companies

The services provided by Studio Dott. Giorgio Cavallo, in Italy and all over the world, include:

  • handling of marine casualty and claims;
  • preparation of maritine claims;
  • adjustment of claim under any marine policies (hull, cargo, yachts, etc.);
  • adjustment of general average and of salvage claims;
  • settlement of collision claims and assessment of recoveries and cost;
  • claims regarding shipbuilders' risks and shiprepairers' liability;
  • claims regarding loss of hire, loss of earnings, passage money and similar;
  • arbitration, independent opinions, etc.;
  • consultancy and advise on any question related to marine insurance and general average.

Experience acquired during almost a hundred years of business has earned to Studio Dott. Giorgio Cavallo a position as reference point in any kind of marine average and claim.

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